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USC studies show that clean air matters for a healthy brain


Research on air pollution and cognitive decline indicate cleaner air may reduce risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementias

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Pain Awareness Month: Innovations in Pain Management and Care

September is Pain Awareness Month during which the medical industry aims to raise public awareness of pain, pain management solutions, and the work of pain professionals. Living with pain can be debilitating and negatively affect the quality of life of patients and the people around them. Current statistics estimate that nearly 50 million Americans experience chronic pain. Worsening the burden of chronic pain is an alarming rise in opioid abuse and addiction which has brought a critical focus on non-drug treatment approaches for both acute and chronic pain.

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Brain cell differences could be key to learning in humans and AI

Imperial researchers have found that variability between brain cells might speed up learning and improve the performance of the brain and future artificial intelligence (AI).

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Happiness in Early Adulthood May Protect Against Dementia

While research has shown that poor cardiovascular health can damage blood flow to the brain increasing the risk for dementia, a new study led by UC San Francisco indicates that poor mental health may also take its toll on cognition.

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A new study published today is the first to investigate the association between fruit and vegetable intakes, breakfast and lunch choices, and mental wellbeing in UK school children.

It shows how eating more fruit and veg is linked with better wellbeing among secondary school pupils in particular. And children who consumed five or more portions of fruit and veg a day had the highest scores for mental wellbeing.

The study was led by UEA Health and Social Care Partners in collaboration with Norfolk County Council.

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Redefining Medicine Episode 58 Special Guest Ronald Klatz MD, DO

A4M Redefining Medicine: Dr.Klatz Discusses The Beginning Of Anti-Aging Medicine and Chronic Diseases

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Human Growth Hormone

Immortality Now: Grow Younger with HGH

Learn how Energy Medicine can be used to improve your own health and well–being

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