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Fat Burning Exercises

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Posted on May 09, 2018, 2 a.m.

Finding the most beneficial fat burning exercises is key to losing weight, toning, and staying in shape, especially if time is an issue. Fat accumulates in different areas of the body, finding a range of fat burning exercises to target those specific areas is perfect for weight loss, toning, and eventual muscle growth. Some of the best fat burning exercises include things such as box squat jumps, walking lunges, pull-ups, sprints, donkey kickbacks, and dumbbell walking among many others.


Walking lunges are performed by extending one leg out in front of you, thigh parallel to the ground, keeping back leg in place with heel up. Then bring back leg to lunge forward, keeping first leg toes down on the ground. This intense movement is a great workout for the buttocks, thighs, and hips that burns fat quickly.


Pull-ups engage multiple muscles in the core, back, shoulders, forearms, latissimus dorsi, and biceps. This comprehensive movement is performed on a bar over head by grasping while allowing legs to hang and pulling body weight up until top of chest touches the bar, release weight slowly down into dead hang starting position before repeating.


Dumbbell walking is a great cardiovascular exercise, it is walking but with weights in each hand making it more complex, working more of the arms if swung in a controlled manner, while making walking more strenuous, which increases calorie burning.


Box squat jumps are performed by using a small box about 1 foot high in front of you, squat by lowering hips and sitting slowly down on a chair behind you, or use more control and pretend to sit in a chair, as you rise out of the seat jump onto the box landing with legs slightly bent. Keep arms out in front throughout the entire exercise. This is a high intensity release of muscles and needs a lot of energy, but worth it as it kicks the metabolism into high gear and burns fat.


Donkey kickbacks are performed beginning on the ground on all fours, toes curled under your feet, keeping back straight raise slightly off of the ground, bring one knee to the chest before extending back until straight. Repeat 8-10 times on each leg which engages buttocks muscles and the core leading to fast fat burning in those areas.


Boat pose is performed while seated on the ground, buttocks planted firmly. Forming a V with the body, arms extended straight above the head, legs at roughly 35 degree angle above the ground. This exercise burns fat in the abdominals and butticks and strengthens the core.


Planks are down on the ground, they are basically push-up starting position held as long as possible, start on all fours, raise torso off ground forming a flat line, hold for 30-60 seconds which will flatten abdominal muscles and get them toned.


Bodyweight squats are performed with feet shoulder width apart, squeeze buttocks muscles, arms crossed over chest as pushing hips back and lowering into seated position. Thighs parallel to the ground at the bottom of the movement before returning to straight standing starting position, keep body tight the entire movement. This exercise engages buttocks, hamstrings, abs, and core muscles to burn fat faster. 


Low-belly leg reaches are performed on the ground lying on the back, knees up at 90 degree angle, hands above head, do a deep crunch a few inches off floor and hold for 10 seconds, being careful not to strain neck or back, repeat 6-8 times per set for perfectly toned abs.


Sprints burn fat, and rapidly by kick starting the metabolism with its high intensity. Short sprints are great for time, performing at decreasing levels of 30 second, 20 second, and 20 seconds sprints before moving onto more traditional exercises.


Bouncing medicine balls puts a lot of demand on the body, core, legs, arms, back, and abdominals. Bouncing an 8lb medicine ball off the wall and catching it 12-15 times will provide a workout which you will feel all over the body.


Following an alternating workout routine of fat burning exercises with cardiovascular activity is a great way to lose fat, and promote an active metabolism that will burn fat for you. Alternating exercise style gives muscle a needed break and prevents injury, which will increase workout efficacy.


Lifestyle changes are also key to fat burning such as drinking plenty of water, cutting back on calories, smaller more frequent meals, and healthy food choices such as fruits and vegetables while avoiding soda and processed foods. Fast food should be completely avoided as they are full of tans and saturated fats which ruin any health routine and diet. Healthy diets are critical to burning fat. It is recommended to consult a medical professional before starting an exercise routine to make sure there are no possible limitations, and when possible consult a fitness professional to learn and ensure proper movements to prevent possibility of injury.



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